Proper insulation in basements and crawlspaces is just as important as with the rest of the house.  Crawlspaces are one of the most overlooked and uninsulated areas in the home and can become a danger area for excessive heat loss, moisture build-up and pest infestation.  There are several different ways to insulate and protect your basement and/or crawlspace:

Spray foam wallsIn our opinion, spray foaming the wallsand ceilings is the best way to insulateyour crawlspace for energy efficiency.

Foam on a Foundation WallFoam Insulation on a Foundation Wall

Crawlspace with reflective insulationCrawlspace with reflective insulation

Fiberglass InsulationFiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass Wall InsulationFiberglass Wall Insulation with papermoisture barrier

Spray Foam Insulation of RimboxSpray Foam Insulation of Rimbox

Here are a couple of problems with insulation:

No insulationNo Insulation in the rimbox

Rim Box Water StainsWater stains from leak above rimbox