Decks and Deck FlashingDecks are one of the #1 problem areas found on the exterior of homes. They are commonly built by home owners without following any local building codes.  There are several different areas of a deck that should be checked; proper sizing for floor joist, supporting beam, ledger board, flashing, deck post, railings deck boards, floor joist hangers, floor joist cantilever.  Below we have given several different photos of common mistakes homeowners make when building a home.

settling deckThe deck steps have setteled becausethey have not been supporten into theground properly. deck overhang too largeThis deck should not be cantileveredover the main support beam by over 2′. exterior sidingThese to vents should have coversinstalled over them.
exterior deckThis deck floor joist system was underbult going 24″ on cented vs 16″ oncenter. exterior deck Lag needed in the main supportingbeam. exterior deck loose spindlesLoose deck spindles.
missing railingMissing railings. deck problemsThis ledger board is missing lagscrews for proper support.(safety hazard) missing railingMissing railings on this deck and stairs
Deck Railing problemThe is main supporting beam islag screws to properly hold the deckfor safety. missing spindlesThese deck spindles should be nomore than 3.5″ apart for safety. spindles These deck spindles should be nomore than 3.5″ apart for safety.
missing center supportsThese deck stairs should have a thirdstringer installed for proper support. missing railingMissing railings on these deck stairs. missing deck joist hangerThese floor joist should have joisthangers under every one of them.


Porches and PatiosWe recommend checking for cracking, concrete or asphalt setteling and possible trip and falling safety hazards.  Make sure all areas are sloped away from the home so water can’t run back toward the house.

exterior porchThe front porch has setteled and moved the corner support post. exterior railingsMetal front porch railings loose, theseare common to be found, most arerusted at the base and found in olderhomes. front pillarPorch pillar post is rotted.
front porch rotting supportPorch pillar is rusted, this is commonto find in older homes. front porchThis front porch pillar has bowed outdue to to much pressure and shouldbe replaced. front porch caulkingThe siding has been caulked where itmeets the porch concrete, caulking isgenerally there for a reason.  Makesure you look close at the basementor crawl space area directly below thisarea for water stains or wood rot.
Porch cement settlingConcrete patio setteled back towardthe home Dirt eroding under front porchDirt has washed out from under neaththe patio. Settled walkway trip hazardThe front walkway has setteled, this isa trip and fall safety hazard.
sunroom support rottingScreened in porch corner pillar rotted. Front porch slippingThe front porch has pulled away fro thehome.  This can be repaired by mudJacking. (not cheap) No railingMissing railings on this front porch andsteps.
Steps no railingMissing Railings. Deck slopes toward houseConcrete patio was poured incorrectlywith a slope back toward the home. Crack in porchThe front porch is cracked.
Entire overhang slumpingThis center of this front porch overhas dropped due to wood rot and willneed to be repaired.  porchMissing railing for the front porch. post rottingRotted ront porch pillar post.