Keep Your Home Safe and Sound From the Colder Weather Months

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  1. Check caulking around all windows and doors and siding, re-caulk where needed.
  2. Check chimneys, deteriorated chimney caps, loose and missing mortar.
  3. Check roof shingles for damaged or missing shingles.  Check chimney, sky lights, roof vents and        plumbing vents caulking, these items should be re caulked twice a year.
  4. Check gutters to make sure they are clear of debris before winter.
  5. Cut back all tree limbs that are growing over the house.
  6. Cut back any shrubbery against sidewalls.
  7. Check glazing putty around windows.
  8. Check weather seals around all doors.
  9. Change your furnace filter once a month.
  10. Cover your air conditioning unit with a vented tarp / wrap, we don’t recommend using a regular tarp these will hold in moisture which is not good for your AC unit.
  11. Have professional chimney sweep clean your chimney and inspect for damage
  12. Check your attic insulation if you don’t have 10″ to 12″ we recommend adding another layer.
  13. Check your attic vents make sure they are clear and open.