Your Home Inspection Fire Prevention Checklist

Follow Our Simple Guide to Keep Your Family Safe From Fire

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Fire Protection:

  1.  Is there a smoke detector on each level of the home including the basement and near all sleeping areas?
  2. Are all smoke detectors operating? 
  3. Do you test you smoke detector monthly? 
  4. If you are hearing/vision impaired, do you have a appropriate smoke detector? 
  5. Do you have a escape plan?
  6. Have you practiced your escape plan?
  7. If you use a wheel chair or walking aid have you checked all exit door in case of an emergency? 
  8. Do all windows / sliding doors and exit door open easily from the inside of a home?  
  9. Do you have a fire proof safe for all important paper?  


Living Area:

  1. Is all space heater kept a minimum of three feet away from anything in the home?
  2. Are all electrical wires and plugs in good condition?
  3. All bathroom and kitchen outlets should be protected by a GFCI outlet.               



  1. Is there a fire extinguisher within easy reach of the kitchen stove?
  2. Have you checked the fire extinguisher within the past six months?
  3. Do you clean appliances so grease cannot build up and catch fire?



  1. Never smoke in bed!
  2. Is there a flashlight near your bed?
  3. Is there a whistle next to your bed to warn others in case of a fire?  



  1. Make sure you curling iron are unplugged after each use!
  2. Is the hot water heater set below 120 degrees to prevent scalds and burns?



  1. All garage wall heater should be kept turned off when not in use!
  2. Is all gas cans kept in a approved container and kept away from all heaters?



  1. Firewood should be stacked at least 10′ from your home to help keep wood destroying insect from entering your home! 
  2. Is you grill at least 5′ from the home when cooking!
  3. Is your chimney kept clean and safe for burning fires!  


Before You Go To Bed Or Lie Down:

  1. Did you fully extinguish smoking materials?
  2. Did you turn off the oven or burners?
  3. Did you extinguish you oil lamp or candle?