Get A Copy of Our Comprehensive Home Inspection Book and Checklist. 

“The Ultimate Guide to Home Inspections” and “The Ultimate Home Inspection Checklist” will walk you step by step through the various inspection areas covered when inspecting a home:


  • Roof:  gutters, venting, chimney, skylights, flashing

  • Exterior:  porches, decks, railings, steps, retaining walls, grading, siding, windows & trim

  • Garages:  walls, floors, outlets & garage door openers

  • Basements/Crawl spaces:  walls &structures

  • Electrical System:  main panel, types of wiring, grounding, light switches, lights, outlets

  • Bathrooms and Laundry Rooms:  plumbing leaks, sinks, tubs and toilets venting

  • Kitchen:  plumbing, electrical

  • Rooms:  windows, doors, walls, floors, ceilings, smoke detectors

  • Attics: structure, insulation, ventilation

  • Heating and Cooling:  Humidifiers, filters

  • Hot Water Heater:  pressure relief valve, hot/cold water shut off & venting

  • Plumbing:  water pressure, waste lines and water lines

  • Fireplaces:  dampers, firebricks, hearths

  • Provided By: Your Home Inspection Checklist