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This is the place you can trully call home for many years to come, if not the rest of your life.  You can see your kids playing the back yard… your friends sitting around the table as you play cards… your family gathered together during the holidays… your pets basking in the sun of a delightful afternoon.  This is the one place on earth that you will feel attached to, completely comfortable in, and always happy to arrive at, because it is yours.  It is your home, and there really is no place like it…


The realtor (or home buyer) has given you the full tour, possibly multiple times.  And while you’ve noticed the little things that happen to a house throughout the course of everyday living– a dripping faucet, a drafty front window, a carpet worn from continued foot traffic– there could be bigger things that are of far more concern.  Is the foundation solid?  Have termites ravaged the basement structure?  Is the roof properly maintained and leak free?  Is the chimney a fire hazard that could put your family in jeopardy?


So you hire a home inspector.  Like so many industries, however, the rules and regulations vary from company to company and even state to state.  So while you can hope this stranger you hired to investigate your potential new home is a responsible, properly trained professional, you just never know.


Unless you’ve been properly trained yourself on what to look for there are far too many hidden things that can be wrong with a house for the average person to effectively determine.  And there are far too many under qualified home inspectors out there to know with any certainty if a hopeful home purchase is right decision. 


Until now.


That’s what this guide is all about. Use it to pre-inspect your potential future home before you even take the step of hiring a home inspector.  Use it to accurately gage the effectiveness of the person you do hire, and properly understand his findings.  Use it to potentially save yourself thousands of dollars and hours of frustration. Most importantly, use it to determine if the new home you want to make yours is a safe place for your family.


We’ve created this home inspection checklist to be used in the most logical inspection order.  Don’t forget, if you’d like a printable pdf version, register on the right for your free copy and we’ll send it right to your email!