Inpsecting the kitchen drain and garbage disposal:

  1. Fill both sides of the sink and make sure they drain properly.
  2. Turn the water on then turn on the garbage disposal then check under the sink for leaks near or around the disposal.
  3. Make sure the garbage disposal is wired properly and plugged into an outlet and that the outlet is grounded.  It is very common to find spliced wires under kitchen sinks leading to a disposal which is a safety hazard.
  4. Make sure a trap has been properly installed under the kitchen sink.
proper waste line kitchen
Properly installed kitchen drain


View common problems with kitchen drain and garbage disposal installations:

kitchen 3 disposal 1Garbage disposal has severe rust Bad kitchen drainImproper drain installation with tape Bad electrical setup under drainImproper wiring under sink is a safetyhazard
double trapDrain has a double trap (not recommended)