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  • The Step By Step Processes to Inspect EVERY Area of the House – From the Home Exterior Right Down to the Plumbing!
  • How to Identify and Recognize Potential Problems All Around the House and Property Using Over 600 FULL COLOR PHOTOS FROM ACTUAL HOME INSPECTIONS and Descriptions You Can’t Find Anywhere Else!

  • The Simple Tools You Need to Complete an Effective Home Inspection!

  • Which Part of the House Typically Has The Most Expensive Issues to Fix and How to Identify the Ones That Can Cost You a Fortune!

  • The CORRECT WAY to Inspect a Roof While Being Safe and Avoiding Potential Damage!

  • What Seemingly Minor Part of a Home Inspection Can Unearth HUGE Issues!

  • Learn to Identify Major Problems That Require an Expert to Fix (Some of These Issues are Definite Deal Killers)!
  • The Simple Trick to Uncover Potential Water Leaks in the Home!

  • When You Absolutely Must Hire a Chimney Sweep!

  • How to Safely Inspect an Electrical Panel, and When It’s DEFINITELY Time to Call a Pro!

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Become a Home Inspection “Expert” Using Over 600 Photos Like These!

You can potentially save yourself thousands of dollars by knowing what to look for:

exterior brick

We recommend filling these openings with concrete…

exterior door

Always look very closely at an exterior sliding door…


Cracked floor joist, we recommend…

electric main panel

This is an electrical mess. We recommend…





  • Step By Step Checklist Broken Down Into Each Area of the Home!
  • Catalog All Of Your Findings and Property Information In One Easy to Access Document!

  • Regular Updates and Enhancements for Members Only!

  • A Perfect Companion to Our Awesome Book, “THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO HOME INSPECTIONS”!



3. Exclusive Home Buyer Bonuses… We’ve Got Some Great Home Buyer Resources for You In Our Members Area – and We’re Adding More All the Time:


“The Definitve Guide to Buying Your First Home.”  You’ll Learn:

  • How to select a neighborhood that will match your lifestyle and meet your needs so you and your family can enjoy your new surroundings.
  • How to tell if the neighborhood you plan to move into will improve with time so you don’t waste money on a home that won’t increase in value.
  • How to evaluate a home’s value, whether a new or older home so you don’t pay too much or too little.
  • How to select from country, suburban and urban living without hassle so you can enjoy a classic or contemporary lifestyle.
  • How to find the best schools and find homes close to much needed amenities, including shopping and other important items.
  • Plus much more…

“How To Prevent Termite Intrusion” :

Find ways to identify termites before buying a home and battle an infestation if you have one.  Learn:

  • What Are Termites, What Types of Termites Are There and How To Detect Them
  • How Termites Construct Their Home and What to do When an Infestation Occurs
  • What the Types of Termites Treatments Are, and How to perform a DO-IT-YOURSELF Treatment
  • Termite Prevention and How to Keep Them Away From Your Home



“Budget Home Decorating Tips” :

Don’t waste tons of money on a professional interior decorator…  With this you’ll learn:

  • 7 Budget tips for your living room. The key things you can do on the cheap that will completely transform your living room. In fact, 5 of these you may be able to do with things already in your house!
  • The 11 low or no cost things you can do to redecorate your Dining Room. Learn the outrageous tip that no one else will tell you to do because it “throws off symmetry”!
  • Check out chapter 4 for hot tips on recreating your kitchen. Learn why handles and knobs are the perfect low cost transformation.
  • 6 Ways to completely redesign your bedroom…using no new furniture at all! Can you guess why you need old baskets in your room?
  • And a lot more (including 4 more rooms you might want redesigned)!



“200 Problem Solving Tips… For Your Home and Your Health” :

Dozens of tips to save you money, reduce your stress and save you time in your home…  With this you’ll learn:

  • How To Remove A Broken Key From A Lock.
  • How To Remove A Stubborn Screw.
  • How To Remove Oil From Your Driveway.
  • How To Eliminate Odors From Disposal.
  • How To Remove Grease From Rugs.
  • How To Destroy Onion Smells.
  • How To Cure Scratches From Furniture.
  • And a Whole Lot More!

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