Mold Testing


The subject of mold and mold testing are difficult to understand for many.  The topic often raises some questions such as:


  • Is a mold test different than a mold inspection?
  • Is all black colored mold toxic? 
  • What constitutes house mold?


Here are the answers:


Mold Tests


There are household mold tests that can be administered provided the problem is not in a bedroom.  Even mold that seems to be concentrated to one area can release spores that float through the rest of your home making all of it unsafe.


A mold testing contractor can determine if the air in the home is safe or if evacuation is necessary.  A small amount of mold in the air is normal and is no cause for concern.


Mold Inspections


A mold inspection will provide a more definitive answer to a possible mold problem.  All areas of the home will be checked and pictures will be taken of the areas where mold is found.  The inspector will also collect samples to send to a lab to be tested and will diagnose the source of the mold.  The outcome of a mold inspection will leave you with not only a diagnosis of the problem but a plan of action for fixing the problem as well.


Black Mold


Mold can present itself in a variety of colors including blue, green, brown, and red.  Black mold which actually has a dark green tinge to it is the most dreaded of molds.  While black colored molds are not always toxic, the ones that are can lead to serious health related problems when left untreated.  Even mold that isn’t toxic should be removed because it may result in new spores growing which have the potential to be toxic.


House Mold


While most assume that mold will present itself somewhere, at some time in their home.  There are even bathroom and kitchen cleansers specifically marketed to deal with such issues.  However, the problem may not be as simple as that.  The only way to know for sure whether or not mold growth poses a threat to your family is to have an inspector come and analyze it.


Toxic Mold


The existence of toxic mold in a home is a potentially deadly situation.  Headaches, memory loss, and lung and respiratory problems may all begin to attack you and your family.  The fact that most people don’t assume mold is dangerous is exactly why it is.  Have the mold in your home tested to be sure your family is safe.