Preparing your house for its upcoming home inspection:


Taking care of the following items before the inspector arrives will help facilitate the most efficient and successful home inspection possible.




– All exterior doors should be accessible and un-locked.

– Remove debris from gutters /downspouts, trim all shrubs away from the foundation.




– Ensure the garage is unlocked and remove all stored items, make sure to move all cars away to allow entering the garage attic space.

– Move as much stored items away from the walls so the home can be properly inspected. 




– All areas of the home should be accessible, please make sure there are no locked doors.


– Crawl spaces should be clear and opened.


– Make sure all clothes and other belongs are moved so the home inspector can enter the attic without damaging items.


– Please make sure all windows and door are accessible, and no home owner possessions will need to be moved. 




– Remove all stored items including wood from the foundation so it is clearly visible. 




– Make sure the electrical panel has a minimum of 3' clearance so it can be easily inspected with safety.


– Make sure all computers are shut off inside the home in case a breaker is mistakable turned off.


– Remove any creative extension cord wiring.



– To prevent any water damage, repair any leaks or inform the inspector/home buyer of any current water leaks in the home.


– Make sure the water in the home is turned on.


– Make sure the gas or the electric water heater is turned on and operating. 


Heating and Air Conditioning


– Install a clean air filter in the furnace.


– Consider have the unit cleaned and serviced, and leave all maintain records visible.


Chimney / Fireplace


– Consider havening the chimney cleaned before the inspection to ensure the chimney is operational.




– All utilities including gas and water should be turned on, we also recommend that all pilots are lit including gas fireplaces, furnaces and hot water heaters.




– It is best that the pets are removed from the premises.