Roof Ventilation Inspection

There are several different types of roof vents you may find:

1. Roof vent -Located on top of the roof, depending on the size of your roof you could have several of these.

Roof Vents

2. Ridge vent -One continuous vent across the ridge of your home)

Ridge Vent

3. Gable Vent – A home that has gable vents will generally only have two of these one on each side of the home.

gable vents

4. Roof Turbine Vent – A turbine vent is a passive ventilation device.  This vent works off the air flow in your attic, it is normally found on metal roof.

Roof turbine

5. Thermatically controlled attic vent – Is generally used on homes that no matter what type of ventilation you have tried they do not operate properly.  This unit is wired to you electrical system and automatically turns on with a thermostat control for hot and cold, these work great but they can be a little loud.

thermatically controlled roof vent