Ready Your Home For the Warmer Weather Months

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  1. Check foundation walls, steps, retaining walls, walks, patios, driveways, garage floors for cracking heaving crumbling.


  2. Check chimneys, deteriorated chimney caps, loose chimney bricks and missing mortar joints.


  3. Check for damaged loose or missing shingles.


  4. Check for leaking, misaligned or damaged gutters, downspouts, hangers, gutter guards and strainers.


  5. Check flashing around plumbing roof vents.


  6. Check flashing around roof vents, skylights and chimneys.


  7. Check vents, louvers, and chimneys for birds nest, squirrels or insects.


  8. Check fascia and soffits for paint flaking, leakage and decay.


  9. Check all wood trim for any rotted areas.


  10. Uncover your air conditioning unit, test it and make sure it is operating, ( be sure to only test the AC unit when the temperature is above 65 degrees)


  11. Replace furnace air filter once a month.


  12. Clean your clothes exhaust dryer vent.


  13. Replace smoke and carbon monoxide detector alarms.