Vermiculite is a mineral that is mined all over the world. 


Some vermiculite contains asbestos which is known to have dangerous effects on our lungs.  The major draw to Vermiculite insulation is its unique ability to expand and provide better coverage, and therefore insulation, when heated.


Vermiculite insulation’s primary use was for insulating older homes which had little or no insulation when built.  The brand name Zonolite is what Vermiculite insulation was sold under for two decades from the early sixties until the early eighties.  This particular insulation was sold in large bags at most home improvement stores.  It was highly preferred because of its low price, light weight and ease of installation.  It is estimated today that approximately 15% of the homes in the U.S. contain vermiculite insulation.


Dangers of Vermiculite Insulation

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