FHA Inspection Concerns:


exterior_step_crack Exterior step crack. Call a professional to evaluate. (Serious issue) (Possible FHA Concern)

exterior siding This wood rot found just below the roof is caused from rain water or ice build up in the winter. (Possible FHA Concern)


garage_brick_movement The brick on the side of this garage has had some serious movement.  Their is no repairs that can be done, the brick should be removed and replaced. (Safety Hazard) (Possible FHA Concern)
wood_peckers_3 This photo indicated where the wood peckers have actually pecked thru the siding and was cutting into an electrical wire. Safety Hazard. (Possible FHA Concern)

exterior_foundation_movement Every time you walk around the exterior of a home look very close at the foundation. The foundation on this home as shifted approximately 2 inches or more. (Possible FHA Concern) 

Steel window lintel rusted The steel lintel that supports this window opening is rusted and should be replaced. (Possible FHA Concern)

exterior door Always look very closely at an exterior sliding door.  It is very common to find a rotted door frame. (Possible FHA Concern) 

missing spindles These deck spindles should be no more than 3.5″ apart and 36″ in height for safety. (Possible FHA Concern)

missing railing Missing railings on these deck stairs. (Safety hazard) (Possible FHA Concern)



missing railing Missing railings. (possible FHA Concern)


missing railing Missing railings on this deck and stairs. (Possible FHA Concern)

post rotting Rotted font porch pillar post, this is a very common area to find wood rot make sure you look at this area close. (Possible FHA Concern)

No railing Missing railings on this front porch and steps. The is common with older homes and is the way the home was originally designed. (Possible FHA Concern) Steps no railing Missing Railings. (Possible FHA Concern) porch Missing railing for the front porch steps. (Possible FHA Concern)

exterior structure crack This is a serious exterior foundation crack and should be checked by a professional. (Possible FHA Concern)

Exterior crack Exterior foundation crack should be checked by a professional. (Possible FHA Concern)

exterior problem Serious foundation movement on the back side of a garage should be checked by a professional. (Possible FHA Concern)

i14 This garage door opener spring is broken, we always recommend to have a professional repairs garage doors.  These can be a real safety hazard.

(Possible FHA Concern)

re_shingle These shingles are in terrible condition and should be replaced.  When shingles get this bad we recommend never to add another on top of them.   Grand Rapids MI(Possible FHA Concern)

Poor Roof Ventilation Shingles damaged due to poor attic ventilation, time to have the shingles replaced and have proper ventilation installed in the attic. (Possible FHA Concern)


missing_shingles We found several missing shingles on this roof, when seeing this check several shingle tabs and see if they are sticking down. These shingles had to e removed and new shingles installed. (Possible FHA Concern)

Deteriorating Shingles Due to Age Deteriorating shingles due to age.  When you see shingles that look like this it is time to replace the shingles.  Most states allow of to 2 layers of shingles but we always recommend to remove all the old shingles and have new installed.  (Possible FHA Concern)

rolled_roofing The rolled roofing on the upper half of this page is in very poor condition and will need to be replaced.  We find that the rolled roofing life to be approx. 10 – 15 years. (Possible FHA Concern)
rubber_roof The rolled rubber roofing is cracking, if you see this we recommend to have roofing expert  inspect. (Possible FHA Concern)

roof_valley_caulking Both these valleys have been heavily tarred this will work as a temporary bandage only. We recommend to have the valleys replaced by a professional roofer. (Possible FHA Concern)

chimney Chimney bricks Spalling and Loose Mortar Joints. (Possible FHA concern)
fuze_panel This is a old electrical Fuse Panel we always recommend that when you see one of these panels you have it upgraded by a licensed contractor. (Possible FHA Concern)

octpi_furnace This is a old gravity air furnace, some of these furnace just don’t want to go bad.  The problem with these units they are very inefficient and they are very costly to remove when having a new furnace installed because of all the asbestos found on them.

Possible FHA Concern

asbestos This asbestos is in very poor condition, it is what you call friable asbestos, this is a SAFETY HAZARD, we recommend to have all this asbestos removed by a professional.

(Possible FHA Concern)

Termite home structure Sign of Termites (Possible FHA Concern)

termiteinfested_floor_joist Signs of termites. (Possible FHA Concern)


Twisted support beam Wood supporting beam should be standing straight up and down, not twisted in either direction.

Defective. (Possible FHA Concern)


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burned_floor_joist In older homes you will some times find homes that have had a past fire, most people would not be comfortable at inspection this so recommend to call a professional inspector or licensed builder to evaluate the structure.

(Possible FHA Concern)


structure wall crack Crack block basement wall foundation. This wall should be checked by a professional Home Inspector.

(Possible FHA Concern)

bowing_wall Block basement wall with bowing foundation.  Have this check by a professional foundation specialist. (Possible FHA Concern)

Basement Block Wall Step Crack Step crack in basement foundation wall. Once again these cracks are generally not a structural concern but you if you have any concerns we recommend you call a professional Home Inspector.

(Possible FHA Concern)


structure 8 raling 3nd pic Basement stairs missing railings.

(Possible FHA Concern)

current_water_leak Basement has current  water leaking. depending on when you look at your new home it can be very difficult for yourself or a professional inspector to always determine if the basement will leak or not.

(Possible FHA Concern)

current_water It is always very important to look into a crawl space even if the homeowner has it blocked off, we recommend to ask them to remove what is blocking the entry so you can properly view inside.

(Possible FHA Concern)


bad wiring of bathroom fan Mold found in a attic.  Anytime mold is found. in a attic we recommend you call a professional to have it inspected.

(Possible FHA Concern)

Attic sheathing Mold Mold on the attic sheathing.

(Possible FHA Concerns)

ceiling damage Water stains on ceilings. (Possible FHA Concern)


chipping_paynt When you see this much chipping paint with no water stains it generally means that the ceiling was painted without putting primer on first. (Possible FHA Concern) interor_room_floor The floor around the front door has evidence of a serious water leak.  If carpeting was installed you would never notice this, that is why it is so important to step next to all exterior door to feel for wood rot and always look below every entry for water stains. (Possible FHA Concern)
cracked_glass Cracked glass. (Possible FHA Concern)

no railing Missing railing, safety hazard.

(Possible FHA Concern)


FHA generally requires Kitchens and Bathroom

outlets to be GFCI protected.


shower diverter

FHA generally requires running water and

and operational faucets and toilets in kitchens

and bathrooms.


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What Does An FHA Inspector Look For?


As most Realtors know when your customer is purchasing a home and going with a FHA mortgage there must at least one mandatory FHA inspection that must be completed by the lender prior to the closing.

As a Home Inspector I often get asked what does a FHA inspector/appraiser look for during a FHA inspection, and what type of things will cause a property to fail a FHA inspection?  So we researched this information and found a so called FHA inspection list of things that should be flagged during an FHA inspection/appraiser.


The Information below is a full list of “minimum FHA property requirements,” which basically is a FHA inspection list.  This should not be taken as a formal check list used by a FHA inspector but used as a good set of guidelines.  Just because you meet these entire requirement doesn’t mean you’ll pass an inspection, and just because you may not meet one or more requirement doesn’t mean you will fail an inspection.  It basically comes down to the opinion of the FHA inspector/appraiser/underwriter to determine.

In other words, don’t put too much faith in this list, and don’t blame me if your inspector has other criteria that he uses. It would be very nice if an actual guide line was followed but we are dealing with houses and real people that are all different.

This list is for reference only and does not guarantee compliance with FHA Minimum Property Requirements. Minimum Property Requirements are to insure the health and safety of the occupants and/or the marketability of the property.

Here is the checklist/guidelines:

Site Hazards Presence of the following may indicate unacceptable property condition:{module Article Advertising Box Square 1|none} •    Sinkholes •    Active or planned gas-drilling within 300 feet •    Within 75 feet of operating oil/gas well with no visible mitigation measures •    Abandoned oil or gas well within 10 feet •    Slush pits •    Excessive noise or hazard from heavy traffic area •    Dwelling or improvements within 10 feet of easement for high-pressure gas or petroleum line •    Dwelling or improvements within fall distance for overhead towers (high-voltage, radio/TV, cell phone etc) •    Excessive smoke, fumes, offensive noises or odors •    Stationary storage tanks with more than 1000 gallons of flammable or explosive material

Soil Contamination Presence of the following may indicate unacceptable property condition: •    Surface evidence of underground storage tank •    Proximity to dumps, landfills, industrial sites that could contain hazardous materials •    Presence of pools of liquid, pits, ponds, lagoons, stained soils or pavement

Grading and Drainage Presence of the following may indicate unacceptable property condition: •    Grading does not provide drainage away from structures •    Standing water near structures

Individual Water and Sewage Systems •    Presence of the following may indicate unacceptable property condition: •    Private sewage system show evidence of system failure •    Separation between well and septic drain field less than 100 ft, (75 ft may be acceptable if local authorities allow.) •    Separation between well and property line is less than 10 ft. (If local authority requires greater distance that requirement must be met.) •    Property lacks connection to public water (Lender/jurisdiction may require water test and connection to public water if feasible)

Wood Destroying Insects •    Presence of the following will require a termite inspection and treatment if infestation is present: •    Structure is ground level and wood is touching ground •    House or other structure show obvious evidence of infestation •    Local jurisdiction requires inspection •    Inspection is customary to the area

Private Road Access Presence of the following may indicate unacceptable property condition: •    Property inaccessible by foot or vehicle •    Property accessible only by private road without permanent recorded easement

Floor Support Systems Presence of the following may indicate unacceptable property condition: •    Significant cracks •    Evidence of water damage •    Evidence of spongy/weak/rotted flooring

Framing/Walls/Ceiling Presence of the following may indicate unacceptable property condition: •    Significant cracks •    Visible holes in exposed areas that could affect structure •    Damaged plaster, sheetrock, or ceiling materials in homes constructed before 1978 •    Significant water damage

Attic Presence of the following may indicate unacceptable property condition: •    Inadequate access •    Evidence of holes •    Support structure damaged •    Significant water damage visible from interior •    No ventilation by vent, fan, or window

Basement Presence of the following may indicate unacceptable property condition: •    Blocked or inadequate access •    Evidence of significant water damage •    Significant cracks or erosion in exposed areas that affect structural soundness

Crawl Space •    Presence of the following may indicate unacceptable property condition: •    Blocked or inadequate access •    Space inadequate for maintenance (recommended 18 inches) •    Support beams not intact •    Excessive dampness or pounding of water

Slab Presence of the following may indicate unacceptable property condition: •    Significant cracks that could affect structural soundness


Roof Presence of the following will require a roof inspection and possible repair: •    Missing tiles, shingles, flashing etc •    Signs of leakage

Furnace/Heating System Presence of the following may indicate unacceptable property condition: •    Unit does not turn on •    Heat is not emitted •    Unusual noise •    Smoke or irregular smell •    Significant holes or deterioration on unit

Electrical System Presence of the following may indicate unacceptable property condition: •    Electrical switches don’t work •    Outlets don’t work •    Presence of smoke or sparks from outlet •    Exposed frayed or unconnected wiring

Plumbing System Presence of the following may indicate unacceptable property condition: •    Significant drop or limitation in water pressure •    No hot water •    Toilets don’t function or have been removed •    Toilet leaks •    Sinks/bathtub/shower leaks (very minor leaks may be acceptable) •    Sinks/bathtub/shower does not work or have been removed •    Swimming pools not operational, in bad repair or not maintained

Paint Presence of the following may indicate unacceptable property condition: •    Chipped or peeling paint on interior or exterior of home and/or structures and improvements if home built before 1978. •    Chipped or peeling paint on exterior surfaces if finish is unprotected (ie, bare wood) if home built after 1978.

Other Presence of the following may indicate unacceptable property condition: •    Missing or inoperable exterior doors •    Broken or missing stairs •    Absence of built-in appliances •    Absence of free-standing stove (Santa Ana HOC only)


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