Why Should You Hire a Realtor?


We have been in the home buying and selling business for 15 years and I have seen several people buy and sell homes by owner, so yes it can be done and done successfully.  But I have also seen the negative side of doing this and the things that can go seriously wrong, so below I have listed some true negitave reasons why you should always hire a Professional Real Estate Agent. (I was never a Real Estate Agent). 



When you hire a real estate professional, you’re hiring someone that is committed to do the following:


  1. Finding you a home that best fits your family needs based on the information you have provided them, size, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, garage, area and cost ect.  If you want to find a home quickly, for the best possible value you should give the agent as much information about the type of home you want to buy.
  2. Making sure the home you find is price accurately according to the city you are buying in and current market conditions.
  3. When working with a real Estate Agent, your Agent will be able to access which is called the (MLS) that allows them to share a much greater volume of inventory with all other Agents.  That does not mean your agent can’t show you other homes such as for-sale-by-owner homes and new home construction.  However your agent is not obligated to show you these homes without a representation agreement.  Remember a Professional Real Estate Agent does not get paid until a home goes to closing, and closes.
  4. Real Estate Agents understand the difficulty in today’s market of a transaction; this would include mandated disclosure statements, environmental statement, surveys and legal binding contracts (make a mistake on a legal binding contract and it could cost you thousands). Remember Real Estate Agents are skilled at reading these contracts and understand the fine print (do you understand these contracts and the fine print).
  5. Being that buying and selling a home normally becomes a very emotional time especially for sellers.  Buying and selling is truly a business transaction, and in tough times like today emotions can flare up and comments and decisions can be made thru anger without taking the time to really think and make the best decision for you or your family.  That is another reason we recommend a Real Estate Agent that will stay cool and are trained to negotiate the best deal for you weather you are buying or selling.  Remember the Agent does have personal attachment about your current situation (this does not mean they don’t have feelings) but you hired them, and their job is negotiating the best deal for you based upon the information you have given them and the current  home market conditions.
  6. A Real Estate Agent does this for a living; they have a great deal of experience in this field (probably much more than you do).
  7. Window shoppers will be deterred from wasting your time, realtors generally work with serious prospective buyers.


The Pros and Cons of Selling and Buying a Home by Owner:

  1. Save hundreds or thousands on the Real Estate Commission. (Positive)
  2. Possibly save hundreds or thousands on the selling price. (Positive)
  3. Buyers’ not knowing the market well enough and spending thousands of dollars more than what the home is actually worth. (This can be a real negative in today’s market)
  4. Sellers that are not telling the truth on disclosure statement or do not give a disclosure statement in the proper time can cause serious problems. (Negative)
  5. Buyers that don’t understand what the time limit are on doing a home inspection either by themselves or hiring a professional company. If you don’t understand you only have 10 days from signing the papers to do a inspection and you do the inspection on the 11th day and find serious problems, at that time you will have to hire a attorney to see if you can get out of buying this home. This could cost you several hundreds or thousands of dollars.(Negative)
  6. Save hours working with a professional who truly cares about finding you a home that fits your needs best.


Real Estate Professionals Lower the Home Buying Risk


When you have a Real Estate professional working for you, your agent should make recommendations that will assure that you are buying a home that is safe, environmentally sound and is priced fairly according to current market conditions.


When a Real Estate Professional works with you they normally work with you under no formal contract, that means you don’t pay them any money until you actually find a home, put a offer in on it, and actually close.  There is no other profession that I know of that does this.