Your Home Inspection Checklist 

The Ultimate Guide to Making Sure The Home of Your Dreams Doesn’t Become The Place of Your Nightmares

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home inspection

We know that buying a new home can be as frightening as it is exciting.  So we want to make sure every buyer has their home Inspected by a Certified or Licensed and professional Home Inspector.  So many things can be wrong and slip by undetected before the sale that could cost you thousands of dollars after you have signed the paper work. We also understand that in today’s market, fueled by tough economic times, many buyers are not utilizing a Professional Paid Home Inspector (Approximately 30%).   It may be you think you can’t afford it, you were told that you are buying the home as is and if the inspector finds anything there will be no concessions, or you have a family member that says they can do it for you.  Well all of those three things are not good Ideas! How can you not afford to spend a few hundred dollars that can possible save you thousands?  Even if you are told the home is being bought as is and the inspector finds hundreds or thousands of dollars in problems you can still walk away or you are now a more informed buyer and now what areas will need to be addressed when moving in?  Even if you have a family member that is a handyman or a licensed builder he or she is not a Home Inspector, a builder or handyman is trained to build or repair problems a Home Inspector is trained to find things (BIG DIFFERENCE).  This site is full of hundreds / thousands of photos of different problems found in different homes, so when you ask your Home Inspector what exactly you looking for? you understand why that is such a difficult question to answer.



Why Hire A Professional Home Inspector?


We believe that not using a properly trained, licensed and/or certified home inspection professional is not smart decision, but we also understand it is sometimes tough to find a reputable, knowledgeable home inspector, so we have added some very important information every home buyer should ask of a home inspector before the hire. Remember, the cheapest inspector is not always going to be the best inspector to hire.