Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient:


Proper Attic Insulation

We recommend that all attics have 15” to 23” of insulation which would be R-38 to R-39. Below is a chart to help you determine your insulation R – Value. If you live in a older home hire a company to come out and determine how much insulation you have in your walls and if needed add more.  A 2 x 4 exterior framed wall should have a minimum of 3 1/5” of insulation which is an R-13 Rating.



Fiberglass batts insulation has a R-value of 3.70 – 4.30 per inch. 


Blown in fiberflass insulation has a R-value of 2.20 – 4.30 per inch.


White fiber glass insulation has a R-value of 2.20 – 4.30 per inch.


Blown in cellulose has a R-value of 3.60 – 3.70 per inch.



Energy Efficient Windows

If you have older windows we recommend to replace them with new energy efficient windows, or if you are on a tight budget, we recommend installing storm windows on the exterior of you windows.  Storm will help you save energy and will cost much less than new windows. Make sure you caulk and seal around all exterior and interior of windows not allowing any gaps which would allow air flow to enter and exit the home.



This older home has single pane windows that have storm windows installed over the top of them. By installing storm windows this will help your heat loos thru your windows by approx. 40% and cost approximately 50% less than new windows.



Proper Basement Insulation

In your basement insulate with a spray, fiberglass or wet blown cellulose around all exterior penetrations in your ban joist.  We also Recommend to wrap insulation around all your water pipes.





Heat Runs

If visible check you heat ducts and use a heating contractor tape to seal around every joint to help stop heat from exiting your heat runs before entering into your home.



We recommend that all the heat and return air ducts seams to be warped with aluminum tape then wrap the interior vent with insulation. This will stop heat loss from going to the main floor. Why heat your basement or crawl space if it is not needed.



Proper Insulation Around Exterior Outlets and Walls

Insulating exterior wall electrical outlets, spray foam around the electrical outlet, then place an electrical outlet gasket over the outlet then re install the outlet cover.  This doesn’t sound like much but when you look at the amount of outlets around your home it adds up to a lot of space. 


Door Weather Seals

Add weather seals around all exterior doors to help eliminate cold air from entering the home.  



Make sure all your entry door seals are in good condition, if not they should be replaced.



Furniture Placement

Arrange furniture so that it is not located over the top of the heat runs, this will cut down on the air flow and make it much more difficult to heat your home.



Make sure all heat registers are clear so heat can flow properly thru out the home.


Make sure all heat registers are clear so heat can flow properly thru out the home.



Programmable Thermostat

Install a programmable thermostat so the temperature in your home can be set accordingly while you are not home or sleeping.



By using a programmable thermostat you will be able to control the temperature of your home much easier. Have your  home warmer in the morning when you get up, set it to turn down when you leave for work, set it to turn up just just before you get home from work then set it to turn back down just after you go to bed.




Furnace Filter Maintenance

Changing your furnace filter once a month will keep your furnace cleaner and running at its maximum efficiency. Hire a reputable company for air duct cleaning, and will offer you a free video camera test to determine how dirty your ducts are before and after the cleaning.  Heat ducts that are very dirty will on the heat flow running thru your registers.



Air duct cleaning is very important, clean air ducts allow heat and return air to flow much eased thru your entire home which will help make you furnace run more efficient.


Clean air filter, we recommend that the furnace air filter be replaced once a month.


Dirty air filters will make you furnace run much less efficient, and much more often raising youe gas bills higher.  Plus by replacing your   filter it will help keep the dust down in your home. 



A dirty cold air return will restrict the return air flow back to the furnace and causing the furnace to work harder. We recommend always keep you return air vents clean.